Monthly Archives: February 2010

What a difference from the previous post!

What a difference from the previous post! Here you have Steve Jobs having a conversation with the audience. You do not see a whole bunch of mind numbing bullet points or words on the screen. What you see is Steve going over the features of his new product (iPad) and literally demonstrating to the audience how it works. The visual in the background is just that- a visual. It helps to enhance his conversation.

This is another example of an excellent presentation.

This one borders on being criminal!

Take a look at this PowerPoint slide from an on-line training course! They actually have the temerity to have  computer generated voice read off every word and acronym on that busy slide. Do they bother to explain what those acronyms (SJE, SJEOO, SJOO, STOO, etc.) mean? Of course not.

Perception is all there is!

I came across this fantastic video by Tom Peters. The subtext of it is this: Perception is all there is. There is no reality. Think about that when you make your next presentation. Think about how your audience perceives you; think about this when you give a glib presentation — will your audience view it as being authentic? Will they accept your message without hesitation? Or will they think that you have just memorized your presentation and you are just reciting it back word for word?

Remember:  Perception is all there is!

Vary your tone – an excellent example

I posted a blog two years ago (February 2008) on the topic of why you should vary your tone when you are making a presentation. Our local meteorologist Lauren Casey at WINK TV gives an excellent example of that. Notice how she varies her voice and facial expressions constantly and makes her weather forecast INTERESTING.