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Stop selling your product after people have purchased it!

I attended a webinar by on how to create “webinar on demand” a few days ago. The concept is that a webinar should be available on demand 24/7. An interesting concept.

The presenter was 3 minutes late in starting the webinar. That is a definite no-no. It shows disrespect for the attendees who show up on time.

He sounded like he has had too many cups of caffeinated coffee.

He began by saying that it is always “the little things that make a difference”. Like starting late? How ironic.

7 minutes into the webinar, he was still talking about how important it is to have webinars on demand. News flash!!  We know already. That’s why we are here.

Stop selling already.

He went on to say that “we have found our customers don’t like our marketing”…Yet 11 minutes into the program …he was still marketing.

This nonsense went on for 14 minutes (or 17 minutes after the official starting time).

All of his slides had at least 5 bullet points and he read them off verbatim.

I left the webinar as I was lapsing into a coma.