Monthly Archives: March 2011

Another GREAT presentation by Steve Jobs

Here was Steve Jobs introducing iPad2. Notice not a bullet point in sight. His graphics are simple and straight to the point. He was having a conversation with his audience. He rehearsed enough to know which slide came next. But he did not memorize his talk. He just knew what he was talking about. And best of all – he was having FUN!!!

This is how a presentation should be done.

Strategic Listening as part of your presentation

In an earlier post, I  wrote about listening with your eyes when you are making a presentation. You don’t do that by splashing a bunch of hideous bullet points up on your screen.

LISTEN to what Tom Peters has to say about listening and try to apply it in a presentation.

You do that by NOT interrupting a member of the audience when she asks you a question. You listen to the entire question before opening your mouth.