Monthly Archives: September 2009

Some feedback from the audience

retention rateI just finished conducting a 2-day presentation on environmental regulations in California. As I have done in the past few years, none of my PowerPoint presentation contained any bullet points. Here are a couple of comments about the presentation format from the audience:

“Great review of environmental regulations and law; enjoy the format; presentation was great because it wasn’t filled with bullet points; like that it was simplified.”

“Usually when a presenter uses PowerPoint, they tend to use it as their presentation. Mr. Wei used it to supplement his presentation as an aid. It tends to keep the audience more engaged and interested in the presentation.”

These comments were from two Special Agents with the federal government.

This is just like a PowerPoint presentation with no bullet points

This is a wonderful video of a financial writer (Bethany McLean) talking about hedge funds. Notice how the video has a sentence on a slide and then the speaker talks about that topic following the slide. This is almost like a presentation without bullet points – a subject on the screen followed by a cvonversation. Note also how she spoke without reading any notes.