A great video on how NOT to do PowerPoint

This is by far the BEST video on how NOT to make your PowerPoint presentations.

5 responses to “A great video on how NOT to do PowerPoint

  1. Recognising the parts of the presentation that reflect what we tend to do, and therefore to change is the easy part. Acting on the realisation is pretty difficult especially if you are in a corporate culture that allows people to produce presentations like this.. so the staelth thing is to try and pick out conclusion slides and the backup material and work on their coherence.. this can have a useful effect as bang! clarity appears on screen… but there are other ways aren’t there?

    • Jim….there are organizations here in the US that insist their staff have between 5 and 10 bullet points per slide in order to “reduce” the number of slides in a presentation.

  2. Norm:

    I like his LIfe After Death By PowerPoint 2010 even better:

    There’s also an overloaded video that’s almost as funny, but not intentionally so:


  3. I hate sitting through PowerPoint presentations.

    One colleague had 5 slides with every inch crammed with text. The font size must have been 8 – what a douche.

    I’d rather sit through 10 slides and be able to read them!

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