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One of the best presentations I know

This is by far one of the best presentations I know.

Marissa Mayer was Employee #20 at Google. She was a Vice President at Google before being hired as Yahoo’s new President and CEO.

Marissa (a self proclaimed geek) gave this talk to a group of Google developers (fellow geeks) in 2008. Here are some of the things she did:

  1. She was having a direct conversation with the audience all the way through. She asked the audience a couple of questions.
  2. She did not read from a set of notes. She didn’t have to. She spoke from her vast knowledge of the subject matter. It was clear to everyone she knew what she was talking about. (The flip side of this observation is that if a speaker does not know his topic well enough, he should just sit down and be quiet. No amount of “coaching” will him.)
  3. She used humor at times.
  4. She thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and she showed passion in her work.
  5. Half-way through her talk, her lapel mike went out and she transitioned to a hand-held mike without a hitch.
  6. She told stories throughout the presentation.
  7. She did not use a single bullet point.

 This IS how you do it.