Perception is all there is!

I came across this fantastic video by Tom Peters. The subtext of it is this: Perception is all there is. There is no reality. Think about that when you make your next presentation. Think about how your audience perceives you; think about this when you give a glib presentation — will your audience view it as being authentic? Will they accept your message without hesitation? Or will they think that you have just memorized your presentation and you are just reciting it back word for word?

Remember:  Perception is all there is!


2 responses to “Perception is all there is!

  1. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning…discussing Toyata’s brake pedal recall and how they handle their reputation… it was clear that they needed to talk to customers direct to gauge how well they are doing.. it is their perception of Toyota’s efforts to put things back on track that is important .. not the buzz in twitter, etc that should guide them as the perception of the actual customer is what counts.. which is what Tom Peters once said to me at a private gathering

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