How to present data

I have often said that too many presenters simply splash their complicated data in tabulated form on the screen and expect the audience to decipher the trend. That’s just pure fantasy. There is no way anyone in the audience can determine the trend. Most tables are not readable because they contain 10 row and 10 columns!

Even a table as simple as this one can pose problem.

A much better way is to present the data in a simple chart – uncomplicated by legends and footnotes.

A glance at the chart on the left shows that fewer people are taking the subway and more are using their bikes. The bus trend stays pretty much the same with a slight decrease.


One response to “How to present data

  1. I have always felt that numbers put people off unless it is to do with ranking. If one could work on projecting an idea involving numbers in a more creative manner, not only does the message get home, it opens up other doors to make the audience connect with the presentation.

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