Bad stage ettiquette

At the same conference that I was in, one of the keynote speakers was an executive from London. Someone must have told him it was good practice to speak amongst the audience (about 200 persons) by walking around. And it is a good practice. Much better than standing behind a lectern.

But his chap took it to the extreme. He was darting around the room like a headless chicken and getting right into the person space of the audience. He made the audience very uncomfortable by getting very close to some people’s faces.

And then he made the fatal mistake. He went over his allotted one-hour time slot by 20 minutes. That is a CARDINAL sin for speakers. A good speaker always shows discipline and RESPECTS the audience and the speakers following him by staying on time.

If I were the MC, I would have turned off his mike and ushered him out of the room. Perhaps the reason he was darting around the room so much was that he was trying to avoid the trap door on the floor that would drop him.

A very poor speaker. Very few people remembered his mumblings. But they all remembered his poor performance. Another case of you can’t fix stupid.


2 responses to “Bad stage ettiquette

  1. Been there, seen and heard that, HATED IT and the time I wasted.
    I will make sure I’m in attendance on the 31st!


  2. Ed….we had to abort the webinar due to a bad technical glitch. It has been rescheduled for March 5 at 1 pm EST.

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