A really bad slide

I was at a conference yesterday and a speaker presented this slide and he immediately said:”I know you can’t read this….”.

So why would anyone in this right mind show the audience a slide that he KNOW to be unreadable? The funny part was that half of the audience was straining to read the tiny little numbers on the slides and paid absolutely no attention to the speaker.

4 responses to “A really bad slide


    You can’t fix stupid!

  2. Unfortunately, a speaker admitting their slide is unreadable is alarmingly common.

    Recently I wrote about a simple, reliable way to tell whether a slide you’re creating is too complex: http://remotepossibilities.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/minimise-blur-firstframework-part-1m/#one_thought

    And how to fix it (which is a later section of the same long post): http://remotepossibilities.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/minimise-blur-firstframework-part-1m/#three_seconds

    With the increasing number of books and blogs recommending how to improve as presenters, hopefully the message will steadily get out!

  3. Just found a great video by Carl Kwan of Presentation Expressions about converting tables into digestible bites. You can watch via the URL below, which also links to 2 quick ways to round numbers in Excel, which of course could be handy when displaying data:

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