This is what runs through the mind of a typical person in the audience…..

Oh dear God – why is he showing me 10 bullet points on a single slide that I can barely read?
Why is he speaking in this monotone?
Why did he put the entire book on the screen? Am I supposed to read it?
Why is he standing in front of the screen and reading every bloody bullet point out loud to himself?
Why is he trying to tell the entire history of western civilization in 45 minutes?
Why is he speaking so fast?
What are all those acronyms? Is he presenting the whole thing in Greek?
Where did he get those cheesy clip arts? My 4-year old child would love them.
Is that a three dimensional or 4 dimensional chart?
Wow…look at all those special effects….I see stuff flying in and out from everywhere! My kid would love it.
Oh God…here are another 12 bullet points on the screen……

Will someone please help me…I am about to slip into a coma.


3 responses to “This is what runs through the mind of a typical person in the audience…..

  1. Dear,
    its too good funny thoughts of listeners during presentations. i had same thoughts but unable to give words as you. i am also often give presentation. now i understand very well to must beware during making slides and presentation.
    thank you,

  2. This is so vividly articulated! Couldn’t agree more. My assumptions have been validated. Hurray!

  3. Along with “Should I go with Dusky Pink or Pinky Dusk in the downstairs bathroom?”

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