Never MIX your modes of communication

Here is someone who has a nice message to give to the world. But she combined a bunch of bullet points with spoken words. The result is total confusion.

She claimed she was using “subtitles” but she wasn’t.  And she was not reading a script verbatim either. She was speaking full sentences with a bunch of unrelated bullet points on the slides. That was very distracting because the readers cannot decide whether to ignore her spoken words and read the bullet points or close their eyes and just listen to her voice. Very confusing.

She had the worst of both worlds. It is literally like TWO persons “talking” at the same time – one with bullet points and one with sounds.

One response to “Never MIX your modes of communication

  1. YIKES!

    I hope she didn’t get paid for this mess of confusion.

    Bullet Points KILL – KILL the Bullett Points!

    They confuse, complicate and conflict with the message.

    Thanks for the TERRIBLE EXAMPLE!

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