A great speech!!!

Here is a speech (actually a conversation) Shakira had with an audience at the Oxford Union. She did everything right. She did not read from notes. She maintained eye contacts with the audience. She was engaging the audience. She was having a conversation with the audience. She started off with a funny joke. Her English is impeccable. Wow.


4 responses to “A great speech!!!

  1. Agreed, very impressive and a good speech, but she did read from notes. She had 2 autcues, one on each side of her. You can see them when the camera pans back at the end and you can see her eyes often falling to her right to read from it during her speech.
    The professional way to deliver a speech with notes!!
    Nevertheless, she had obviously taken the time to learn it so she could deliver it in the brilliant way she did.

  2. Dr Tanuja Manohar

    What’s wrong if she refers to her notes ? But ultimate delivery of lecture was excellent !

    • It is fine to refer to the notes occasionally. Too many speakers just look down and READ from their notes which defeats the whole purpose of “having a conversation” with your audience. All you can see is the top of the head.

  3. Dr Tanuja Manohar

    Her ability to keep audience connected , her body language and art of keeping eye to eye contact was excellent !

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