Why most PowerPoint Presentations Suck

I just love this video on why most PowerPoint presentations suck – BIG TIME. The point the speaker raises is very valid. People spend way too much time “jazzing up” their slides with those cheesy clip arts and silly animations.

Always use real photographs with your presentation – photos that add meaning and emotion to your presentation (conversation with the audience).

6 responses to “Why most PowerPoint Presentations Suck

  1. It is said ” a picture is worth a thousand words”. The question we need to ask is when those ‘visuals’ turn into visualisations in our minds…are they about the story we are telling or about the graphic/picture we have chosen?

  2. This is a Great Video!

    Clean and Simple rules!

    YOU supply the Text, also!


  3. HI
    most of the point i do agree.
    I do think when 3d animation is used sparingly it thousand times more powerful than one STATIC image.

    I see the common trend that it all mainly just pictures now adays
    ,try being there and then giving your notes to another person and show them the pictures without a clue what the presentation was about.
    You guy tell us dont repeat the text on the slides but that has to be done in moderation.
    I think the reason most use clipart is that if you put a image of a guy or girl you may offend some people whereas clipart is cheap ,is better than just a plain background and no royalty fees when printing or sending to other.
    Technology has evolved and moved in leaps and bound soon you be using your ipad to give the presentation rather than a pc. is that not possible now i heard it may be with vga adaptor for ipad.
    I say learn rules,break it if you need to .
    ta jv

    • The content comes from your talk. The slides are not meant to replace your conversation with the audience. If you cannot articulate the ideas behind your slides, you should not be giving a talk – with or without pictures.

  4. Thank you for that presentation, I was struck by your personal presentation and movement, suppose it was really friendly and spoke right to me. It is tempting to put graphics in to make it look as if you have skills but get the point about the presenter being the vip. We can use photos though I think?

  5. Hi, I 100% agree with most of the (well-known now…) ideas developped: animations should be used wisely (I don’t actually) and basic cliparts banned! BUT, graphics of the presentation should be particularly optimized, and it worth the time spent on it (of course we all agree that content is key, and it should be as short as possible, etc.). And we tend to forget that the 1st slide shown is a unique opportunity you have to make a positive first impression…

    Also the debate is often the same vs. Powerpoint (ie use your slides to strenghten your words, not the contrary…). But I observed that not everybody have the same skills. That can be solved. For example as some of my colleagues didn’t know much on how using the tool, we decided to hire some guy who does (with graphic design skills). And the result is often worth the cost !

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