Tips on multi-media presentations

As promised, the following a summary of the research findings by Dr. Mayers on how best to make a multi-mdeia presentation.

First of all, forget about all those psychology terms like “Modality Principle”, “Coherent Principle”, etc. They are just jargon used in the trade to make laymen feel stupid. Every profession has its own set of jargon.

The first finding shows that people learn better (absorb more)  from a presentation with both pictures and words rather than just a bunch of words.

The third finding shows that people learn better when the words and picture appear at the same time. That means none of this fading and fading out, zooming in and zooming out, flying in from the side stuff. The more animation you add to your slides, the DISTRACTED your audience is going to be. If you must show animation, show them a short movie.

The fourth finding tells you to stick to the basics and not to throw a bunch of words (bullet points) on the screen. Narration (you talking to the audience) is a much more effective way to communicate.

3 responses to “Tips on multi-media presentations

  1. The book is tough going because of the jargon.. but worth it especially if we can ‘cheat’ by having it rewritten in day-to-day language. But at the end of the day it tells us the great stories are remembered and are shared, so make the stuff on screen support the audience’s (not the speaker’s) attempts to focus on that story. After all the essence of disney was to engage, entertain and tell a story that touched us… we can do the same (even with the EU Common Agricultural Policy) if we get to the heart of the story and tell it engagingly…. everything else is froth!

  2. Yes Jim….reading that book is a long hard slog…but worth the effort.


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