Why 99.9% of PowerPoint Presentations Suck?

Have you ever wondered why most (99.9%) of PowerPoint presentations suck – big time? Here is one of the many reasons:

Dr. Richard E. Mayer – a Professor of Psychology at the University of California in Santa Barbara – presented all the reasons in his book “Multimedia Learning”. Look at the following charts:

His research shows that animations with narration produce better retention for the audience than narrations only. That’s why when you watch a movie or documentary, you get to see pictures and movies with someone speaking over them. That’s why they never show you a blank screen with voice over.

The second group of charts show people retain more information when presented with a picture that has words associated with it than just a bunch of text (aka bullet points) on the screen.  That’s why it is better to show a slide with a short sentence and a relevant picture.

In our next posting, I will show you a summary of Dr. Mayer’s findings on multi-media learning.

One response to “Why 99.9% of PowerPoint Presentations Suck?

  1. Great research showing wheat good presenters know.

    Use images that have a common meaning to all viewers and YOU supply the text!


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