Presenting data – a couple of examples

My friend Jim showed us how Nightingale presented her mortality statistics to the Army brass through the use of a rose diagram.

Her idea was to show the mortality rate of soldiers dying from infectious diseases dropped significantly from the winter of 1854 to the next winter as a result of the procedures she put in place. This was quite effective.

Most people (99.9% of the presenters using PowerPoint) would have just splashed the raw data on the screen and put the audience in a coma:

Nightingale did not do that. She was much smarter than 99.9 % of the presenters.

Another effective way to communicate Nightingale’s message to the brass would be through the use of a SIMPLE bar chart as shown below:

Very simple…no bells and no whistles….just the facts.


2 responses to “Presenting data – a couple of examples

  1. You could improve the bar chart by using one colour for when her procedures were not in place and another for when they were, to really make the difference stand out.

  2. Yes….that’s an excellent point. Thanks.

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