Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

More on “PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid”

One of our viewers directed us to a video from TED. The speaker there seemed to relish the idea that the spaghetti diagram was such a mess. He said it gave him a chance to sort through it all and see the clarity!

Well – now that’s like someone saying: “Gee…I am really happy that I have terminal cancer since that will give some scientist a chance to look for the cure.” Does it make sense to you?

There is a way to salvage this spaghetti mess. You can use the diagram as a photo backdrop (faded but still visible) throughout the presentation. Your presentation will consist of ONE idea per slide with the spaghetti backdrop as a reminder of the complexity of the topic to audience. The ONE idea must be in the form of a short sentence – not bullet point.

Use as many slides as the complex situation warrants. Remember – you no longer have to pay someone to make up your slides. They are free!!!