A presentation by a governor?

Here is a video of the Governor of Arizona BOMBING in a debate with her political opponent. Notice the long silence/pause when she was totally lost as to where she was. Her grammar needs improving too. At one point she said: “We have did (sic) what was right for Arizona……” No…governor..you did not.


2 responses to “A presentation by a governor?

  1. To lose the plot you need to have known it in the first place! It reminds me of the advice one of my mentors offered…. always be thinking “what-if…. what if they attack me on this point… what if someone suddenly asks me to justify our performance to date… etc… then we are well ready for what might be thrust upon us”….. Obsessive attention to the plot? Yes! likely to survive most bad situations? definitely… worth the effort? You have to decide (watch the videoclip again and ask “could that be me?”

  2. Good points Jim….she told the reporters later she had a “brain freeze”. That came as a shock to me because many are unaware she has a brain to freeze.

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