I kid you not!

This was an actual PowerPoint slide used in an on-line training course! Accompanying it was a computer generated drone voice mouthing off every single bloody word.


5 responses to “I kid you not!

  1. Following the TP nugget…Was the sales pitch look how complex your life is without me you will sink.. with me you will sink even faster,,, and deeper?

  2. Classic! To add to the horror, here are two short posts of mine with similarly terrifying slides: http://wp.me/pwfa1-NO and http://wp.me/pwfa1-GF

    Will this never stop?



  3. I have had such charts presented to me but there was a hundred building up to it.. so we could understand the complexity… simple building blocks do build complex structures… but most presentations make things complicated which can not be simplified to get at the essence… it is a bit like finding an ancient hidden building made of stones but we can only guess at its cultural function… archeology or modernity.. the choice is ours1

  4. Jim, if there were a 100 slides building up to this one, then there were 98 more horrible slides to contend with. My point is this: Is it really necessary to show EVERYTHING in a presentation? Why can’t we just show the input and output of a black box? Why do we have to show the miles of wiring inside?


  5. Good point Norman.. I was on a ‘mission to explain’ journey which is fatal to a snappy presentation. A bit like yesterday when someone spent 10 minutes explaining his new shiny headlamp… I now know every move to change it and its previous history… as you put so well Its light we want to shine on the presentation not the 98 steps that lead to being able to switch the light on!

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