More on perfection

My friend Jim Rait from the UK sent me an email today. I am posting parts of it here because it is thought provoking and it merits some discussions. Here it is:

“Warming to our theme of last week I began to realise we are talking about presentations that inspire the ‘audience’ and make them want to think about,  or do, something differently. So perfection depends on the interaction between the presenter and his presentees. So the perfect presentation is a process and an event. It is about pre-preparation the sweat and tears that goes in deciding the theme, the content and the illustrations and then throwing away the excess generated during that process what we might call perfecting presentation. Then comes the standing up, having first worked out what sort of audience it is on that day/hour, what sort of facilities are available (and do they work?). So simultaneously delivering the presentation and interacting with the audience  should lead to perfect presenting: but our work is not done… we need to follow up on the feedback and reflect on what went on while we presented.. does it change how we put the slides together and what we put on them… so its back to the ‘drawing board’.”

Anyone wants to add to this? I personally think Jim hits it right on the head.


One response to “More on perfection

  1. There must be a word for commenting on your own thoughts.. maybe its an example of Donald Schon’s “reflection in action” [ but here goes:
    The marvellous thing about thinking of our presentation as an iPad is that people expect excellence and those willing to recognise that perfection is in the mind of the receiver not the creator will also realise that iPad today is a question.. we’ve figurred out that a device like this will enable you to do things we know about but also things we don’t know about and so if we have a dialogue over the next few months iPad ver. 2 will be great and 1Pad ver. x will be nearly perfect.. for now.
    So our presentations should be good enough to share, with the expectation that feedback, reflected on will enable my next slide pack to be better and so on… its the journey that is important as well as the destination.
    I’ll reflect on that!

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