Is your presentation ho-hum?

When you finished making a presentation or giving a speech, did you come away with the feeling that it was okay? When you asked your friend in the audience how it went, did the reply come back as “it was okay”? Have you ever wondered in your mind: did I just gave a great talk or was it just ho-hum?

Take a look at this short video from Tom Peters who talks about why you do not want to go through life being ordinary or just ho-hum.

By the way, if you made a presentation and somebody comes up to you a week or a month later and talk to you about that presentation, you can safely say that your presentation was not ho-hum.


7 responses to “Is your presentation ho-hum?

  1. Ten years ago when I used to do a great deal of listening to Tom’s messages (as I still do!) I was recruiting a new member of our team whilst elsewhere on site they were reducing staff… we looked at those coming free and they were ho-hum.. so we asked each person to talk to one of the other’s and then stand up and present the other and what was special about them. The passinate advocacy we released was amazing and we discovered we had a choice of excellent people… by changing the rules of presenting we “set our radicals free”. So we had no more ho hum once it was seen to be unacceptable!!

  2. Warming to the ho hum theme… I found this video which is challenging in the same way as Disney might put it.. we have to get to the essence in order to do a 5 minute presentation and that means Hi-Ho! off to work we go.. for as Antoine St Exupery said
    “You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.”
    – in other words we need to work at getting rid of ho isn’t easy, but it can be fun!

  3. GOOD isn’t good enough, is it?

    Who wants GOOD Service, GOOD Food or to listen to a GOOD SPEAKER!

    Get points here!


  4. Quite! Good enough is where you start from.. not where you aim to go… mediocre is better than good as it polarises and the feedback says “do something” Good enough doesn’talways evoke response that says “do something”!!

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