Another deadly presentation

There is an OSHA online training course that exemplifies the worst kind of presentation. It shows a series of slides packed with words or bullet points and it has a computer generated voice READING every bloody word on the screen SLOWLY…AAAARH. That is enough to put anyone in a deep coma after a few slides.

It is beyond me why they do that “read along with Mitch” bit ala “sing along with Mitch”.

Here is an example:

Here is another example:


4 responses to “Another deadly presentation

  1. I feel sleepy by just watching at slides. lol

  2. Yes – it is deadly. Just add the effect of a monotone computer generated voice going over every single word ever so s-l-o-w-l-y. I am going to package this as a miracle cure for insomnia.

  3. 25 years ago my slides might have been more like these… but someone called Napoleon du Fault told me I must (repeat: MUST) assume I only had 10 slides to state a problem come up with a solution, present supporting evidence, finish with a repetition of solution followed by an action. This got me into betteer, more focused slides…then someone invented Freelance and Powerpoint and it was easy to use more words and we were back to verbosity… now we have easy visuals, etc. So what would your slides look like if you had to redo the two above?
    the second one has two sorts of hazard.. personal and environmental so there is a split we could do….?

  4. Jim,

    Thanks for your comments. For the electrical terminology, I would have a picture each for shock, burns, explosion and fire and just talk about each term. For this kind of training, it is much better to do a handout of the complete text in PDF. It is not conducive to PowerPoint or Keynote. BTW – I love Keynote. 10000% better than Windows.


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