Daily Archives: December 26, 2009

An answer from Tom Peters on “rehearsal”!

I recently posted a question to the staff at Tom Peters’ website as to whether Tom rehearsed before his made his video. His staff checked with him and here is his answer:

“There’s less of an easy answer than you’d imagine. I do not rehearse in the formal sense. On the other hand, I come close to staying up all night before a speech going over my slides—over and over and over. Perhaps over 100 times???? Of course I formally modify the slides, to the point of de-emphasizing one word and emphasizing (italics) another. But as I go through the slides I am also sub-consciously, semi-consciously going through phrasing I might use. So in a way it’s damn near rehearsal, though you’re also right in that the main rehearsal is 3,000 or so speeches over about 31 years.”

As he said, he does not “rehearse in the formal sense”. What he  does – in my opinion – is that he gets VERY familiar with what he plans to say to a particular audience the next day.