You are all in Sales! Period.

I just love Tom Peters. He is the best speaker (sorry – I meant to say salesman) I know. Bar none. Listen to what he has to say about sales:

When you make a presentation, you are selling something to someone. You are selling an idea to your colleagues. You are selling your business proposal to potential clients. If you are a teacher, you are not really teaching – you are really selling your knowledge to your students. If your presentation sucks, your students turns you off and nothing is taught.

The term “salesman” or “sales” has gotten a bad rap. It is not cool to be called a salesman. We sometimes associate sales to used car salesman. And that’s not fair to sales. We refer to used car salesman as those people who are too slick and too unethical in their dealings with customers. It is the same in the presentation world. If a presentation is too slick or comes off too smoothly, we become suspicious of the speaker. We think he is not one of us – and rightly so too.

So that’s another reason why you should never over-rehearse your presentation to the point where people think you are too slick. It needs spontaneity. And from it comes sincerity and credibility. Without credibility, no one will buy from you.


4 responses to “You are all in Sales! Period.

  1. reminds me of Brian Tracy

  2. Hi Norman

    I was nodding with you every step of the way …until I got to the bit which said “you should never over-rehearse”. I agree about not being slick, but you can still come across fresh and authentic even if you’ve rehearsed the material (or delivered it for real) hundreds of times. The secret is to say it differently every time, live your words as you say them and strive to connect with each individual in the audience.

  3. Olivia….I agree with you 100% about saying it differently every time and living your words as you say them. That comes from knowledge of the subject matter – not rehearsal. My point is that if you know the topic of your presentation, you don’t need endless rehearsals to get it “right”. It will come out right. I bet Tom Peters did not rehearse what he said on his short video clip.


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