The beauty of simplicity

One of the worst features about Microsoft’s PowerPoint software is that it has far too many bells and whistles. It offers far too many “things” for the presenter. You can have those awful  bullet points fly in from the top, fly in from the bottom, fade in and fade out, fly in from the left or fly in from the right. You have an endless supply of cheesy clip arts coffee on off switchto choose from. You can have your huge corporate logo and your name on every slide. I have seen slides where these junk takes up a third of the real estate.

Try to keep your presentation slides simple. One idea and one picture. The rest are just distractions.

I recently purchased a 12-cup coffee maker from a big box store. It costs $10! And it has only ONE button. That’s the on/off switch. The coffee tastes the same as that from a programmable high tech coffee making machine that costs 10 times as much.  

Simplicity is the key.


4 responses to “The beauty of simplicity

  1. As someone who is passionate about simplicity, I really like this post, and your blog as a whole.

    This post itself makes its point simply and effectively by using the example of the coffee maker.

  2. Praveen,

    Thank you for your comments. I enjoy reading your posts too.


  3. Great post and I fully agree with you. However in the corporate world, there is the mind set that slides need a lot more information. Unfortunately, in business we have been subjected to such visual torture for decades that the culture expects to see charts with dozens of numbers, the company logo in the corner of every slide, bullets upon bullets etc. some believe that the one idea, one picture theme is a fad and will quickly die.

    How would you suggest one breaks that mind set?

  4. It will be hard to break that mindset. There are companies and government agencies out there that have specific “guidelines” on how many bullet points you must have per slide. But that’s OK. Because what that means is that the ones who do one idea one picture presentations will be well received.

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