Kodachrome no more!

stack of slides2Kodak has just announced that it will retire its Kodachrome color slide film after 74 years. It was done in by the digital media AND PowerPoint. We will miss those beautiful color slides of our family.

But we will not miss those 14 bullet points jammed into one single Kodachrome slide.

In the bad old days when we had to pay some company $3 or $4 for every single slide we need for our presentation, we naturally put as much information as possible on a single slide. It made economic sense then.

But now – thanks to PowerPoint – we can have as many slides as we want and they are all FREE!!! So there is NO need to jam 14 bullet points in a single slide and put the audience in a deep coma.

Remember – one point per slide and lots of pictures.


2 responses to “Kodachrome no more!

  1. Yeah, but easier doesn’t always mean better. Kodachrome’s death is still a sad thing.

  2. Yes..it is a sad thing. I loved those color slides. I also like Fuji’s Reala color film. Hope they don’t go the way of Kodachrome.

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