A bald head!

bald-head1I was watching the Governors Conference yesterday on CSPAN. There was a speaker – a former ambassador – who gave a talk on infrastructure. Cannot tell you what he was talking about because all I saw was his shinny bald head as he READ his entire “talk” from written notes.

Why do people do that?

Watch the video from the National Governors Association Winter meeting and you will see what I mean.

3 responses to “A bald head!

  1. Because they fail to rehearse enough.

  2. I am not sure it was due to the lack of rehearsal. People who know their speaking topics and truly believe them generally do not read their speeches.

  3. I agree with Norm. Think about the things important to you in life. If I asked you to tell me a little about your family, would you read from notes? You’ve never rehearsed that answer, but I’m sure you could look me in the eye and give me an answer.

    It’s about embracing and understanding your topic. Passion too. I’m not saying don’t rehearse. Obviously rehearse…a lot, but when it gets to the point you have to read from a script, well then you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s a fine line between notes and a script.

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