A wonderful presentation on the question: “what leads to success?”

I came across this little gem on YouTube by Richard St. John. He answered the age-old question: “What leads to success?” with a presentation that is simple, clear, funny and short. It also embodies the concept of visual thinking. I hope you enjoy it.


One response to “A wonderful presentation on the question: “what leads to success?”

  1. I happened to have just read this…
    http://snipurl.com/27czp about overloading (or not) the brain… it talks of key neurological rules and paradigms that can be violated, and the means to rectify and address them. For example:
    * The brain likes to absorb information easily. Executions should be persistent and consistent in terms of graphics and layout to prevent cognitive fatigue.

    * More is not necessarily better.
    Avoid over cluttering the screen with too much information. Eye-tracking combined with brainwave analysis shows precisely where the brain becomes overwhelmed with inputs.

    * Strike a good balance between the familiar and the novel.
    Too much novelty leads to attentional fatigue, and too much familiarity leads to cognitive disinterest.

    Scientific words saying keep it straightforward, simple and engaging for the audience and presenter, not just the presenter.

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