Hello world!

Welcome to our blog! This blog is all about how to make effective PowerPoint presentations without using these dreadful comma-inducing bullet points. I feel a bit sleepy right now just thinking about those ten bullet points on a single slide!

Please post any comments or suggestions you may have on this topic.

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Norman Wei

Author of “Connecting With Your Future Clients”



2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. What I particularly hate is when speakers fill their slides with words and then proceed to read them verbatim to the audience.The whole idea of a live presentation is for the speaker to engage the audience with his/her insight, not serve as a reader for the masses. I much prefer to look at a relevant photo or graphic depiction of the topic and then listen to what the speaker has to say about it. When I give presentations, I use very few slides and instead focus on connecting with the audience.

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thanks very mcuh for your blog. I am in total agreement with you. People should not give a talk if they have to constantly refer to notes or read them verbatim. They should have sufficient command of the facts to TALK to the audience. When we talk to our friends or associates at a party, we don’t pull out a set of index cards and read from them, do we?

    Your approach is exactly what the Beyond Bullet Points approach calls for – a slide containing a single visual with a short sentence accompanied by a conversation with the audience.

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